Quick test of NVA3 series reclocking with nouveau and comparison with NVIDIA drivers

These months there has been a lot of work on reclocking support for NVA3 nvidia cards by Roy Spliet on the opensource nouveau drivers.

Since i own a Geforce 210 GT i’ve decided to give it a try with some benchmark and the results are quite good

The reclocking of these cards is still very unstable, to have higher chance of success in reclocking, use an fbconsole and not the terminal from some composited environment like gnome-shell.

First game i’ve tested is tesseract, which is an graphically upgraded version of sauerbraten

Nouveau , when reclocked to highest performance level, can get very near to NVIDIA Proprietary driver, maybe with bleeding edge mesa , it could actually reach it.
Second game tested is Openarena :
Also on this one, performance suffered a great boost from reclocking, on that card 07 corresponds to boot frequencies, so before RSpliet’s work, only 07 was available.

Gpu test also , except some tests gave same results

Pixmark Volposition and GiMark , both failed and caused nouveau to crash

Meantime i’m downloading other games and i’m going to test also a geforce GT330 m from my sony vaio notebook , once it is reclockable to highest performance level.

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