Extremely cheap passive DC overvoltage protection proof of concept

In electronics projects, frequently we need an overvoltage protection, for example we have 200V of solars charging a battery, we may want as last resort if MPPT fails, and everything else fails a non destructive protection before a crowbar. Other applications maybe in conjuction with a BMS to add extra security against overvoltage, other applications … Read more

Testing first commercially available Sodium Ion cells

Introduction Sodium Ion batteries are not a new kind of batteries, but they have been partially developed before year 2000 and then since lithium had higher performance and at the time cost was lower, their development stopped. Nowadays since lithium is available only in certain countries and its cost is increasing rapidly due to the … Read more

La nuova era del fotoritocco, addio Photoshop

Molti avranno visto o sentito parlare gli ultimi mesi di ChatGPT, ma non √® solo sul fronte dell’interazione tramite Chat che si stanno avendo grandi progressi con l’intelligenza artificiale. In questo articolo saremo a spiegare in linea di massima il funzionamento per poi fornire un codice di esempio in Python. Funzionamento delle reti Stable diffusion … Read more

FT232RL USB Serial sound card hack

Did you know that you could play sound using an usb to uart/serial converter , by just using an FT232RL usbserial and an external speaker with amplifier? Let’s take a look at the software side first, the basic idea is to send bytes purposedly crafted to create some sort of PWM. So we have 8 … Read more

Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 Loco Repairs

Since very few information is available on repairing UBNT Nanostation M5 Loco ( probably the same for M2 ), i am going to post here and keep updating that post with the main kinds of failure encountered with their eventual¬†repair To do these repairs since the board contains big ground planes, you absolutely need to … Read more

Sitecom WL-326 OpenWrt update

Earlier i’ve written a post on how to install OpenWrt on that router, now it’s time to start fixing broken stuff, especially the reset button and the usb port, along with default switch/network configuration. After some work i’ve managed to reverse engineer the GPIOs of that router, GPIO0 is used on the wps button on … Read more

A very simple internet of things system to control lights and other stuff

In these days i’ve worked on how to create a system that allows me to turn on and off lights or appliances at home with minimal cost and complexity, and there it is: https://github.com/tizbac/IoTManager Each node (ESP-01 ESP8266) with nodemcu firmware and the init.lua script from esp8266 folder of my repository has two outputs and can … Read more