Sitecom WL-326 OpenWrt update

Earlier i’ve written a post on how to install OpenWrt on that router, now it’s time to start fixing broken stuff, especially the reset button and the usb port, along with default switch/network configuration.
After some work i’ve managed to reverse engineer the GPIOs of that router, GPIO0 is used on the wps button on top of the case which is the only button the router has , so we’ll be using it as reset/failsafe button.
Also who has tried installing openwrt on that router may have noticed that the usb port has no power, turns out that GPIO6 is the one which enables the DC-DC converter on the board ( probably they did that to allow resetting the 3G modem without physically removing it from the port ).

So i’ve created a new dts file for that router finally, instead of using the WR5123ng image, below there’s the patch to apply on openwrt source tree

After that work, reset button works ok ( to get into failsafe mode wait for an udp packet from the router then shortly press the button once ), usb port power is tied to a dummy usbpower led, set brightness to 0 to power on, brightes to 1 to power off


Still usb is not working, on dmesg dwc2 driver is constantly reporting an overcurrent condition that i think it is caused by VBUS being supplied from an external power supply instead of the SoC, so it thinks that there’s a short circuit, probably some driver work is still needed, so more updates are likely to follow

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