Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 Loco Repairs

Since very few information is available on repairing UBNT Nanostation M5 Loco ( probably the same for M2 ), i am going to post here and keep updating that post with the main kinds of failure encountered with their eventualĀ repair

To do these repairs since the board contains big ground planes, you absolutely need to preheat it to at least 120 CĀ° before using soldering iron or smd rework station.

UBNT Nanostation loco m5 PCB

Types of failure

PoE shorted, power supply led blinks as a consequence of that

This can be caused by shorted D5 diode ( look for the big black square diode on the left of the ethernet port ), replace it with another one or if you are in an hurry and willing to risk, just remove it.

Ethernet port goes only at 10 Mbit ( but usually won’t work at all even if it says that ) , or no link is detected

This is the trickiest damage, i’ve tried replacing ethernet transformer where it was evidently burned ( one winding open ), but even after that i only got from “no link” to “10Mbit” , so either other components shorted or in that case the SoC is damaged and no repair is worth to do.

The nanostation will only go into firmware recovery mode ( 4 leds blinking )

That kind of failure can be caused by remote reset NPN transistor damaged, replace or remove ( if you don’t need remote reset ) Q503 , you can find it on the right of the reset switch, beware that this kind of failure can be also caused by broken switch, so check first with a multimeter if the switch is working properly, also check that the one on the PoE injector is not broken.


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    • Use some pry tools like the ones used to open phones or a flat head screwdriver between the inner part and the outer part on the bottom-back

  1. Your post is really interesting..we have 5 devices with problems.One is UBNT UniFi Outdoor+ AP,3 are Bullet M2HP out of which the UniFi Outdoor+ & One Bullet don’t even turn on it was like one second they were working perfect and the next they won’t even turn on and the rest 2 new Bullets M2HP and one Rocket M2 are turning on but no one can’t connect to the device even with correct settings as 20 Mhz Channel Width and with Airmax Off..! so can you please let me know how to fix these??? Also can you share please how to open the Bullet for repairing tutorial also???
    SO are these hardware issues or software??? Cuz I have tried reflashing firmware and it never worked while the other devices which don’t even turn on what is really going on wrong with those?? Need help to fix these..! We bought 3 new Bullets and they went into the same problem in like 1 to 2 days after installation..No one can’t connect to the device..!

    • The ones which no longer accept connection i guess they have fried input amplifier caused by near lightning, you can test that by checking if when you use them as client they can see other networks or not
      The on that does not power on instead , check if it is shorted ( power supply led goes out ) or just not turning on


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